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Federico Uribe is a photographer and artist of Colombian origin who lives and

works in Montreal. He has traveled extensively, including sojourns in India, France,

Guatemala and Brazil.

Federico started his artistic career in the medium drawing and painting. He

completed his Bachelor of Fine Arts and minor in Architecture in Bogota at the University of

the Andes (2006). During his studies he spent time in Paris, at the Sorbonne and the

Montparnasse Workshop of Fine Arts.

After his studies, he pursued a career in photography in Colombia, where he worked

as a photographer for various media, magazines, newspapers and advertising

agencies. This opportunity allowed him to discover and explore the vast cultural

diversity, geography and ethnography of his country. He was also employed as a

professor of artistic designs for youth.

Federico moved to Montreal in (2009) to further his studies in photography. Upon

completing his studies he chose to settle in this vibrant city.

Federico is currently working as a freelance photographer. Thanks to the ATS

Scholarship for Young Entrepreneurs, he has launched a company specialized in

manufacturing custom built light boxes for print photography. He also continues to work as a professor,

giving photography course at two different schools in Montreal.